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Energy Washing Powder

Energy Washing Powder is produced using only the highest quality ingredients for an intense cleaning effect that will leave you amazed, Energy Washing Powder has active stain removing additives that will leave your clothes looking brighter and cleaner Energy Washing Powder can be used in top loaders, twin tubs and also is gentle on hands making it suitable for all your laundry needs. Open up a box and experience the Intense Stain Removal ! Intense Cleaning Power ! and the Intense Active Ingredients !


Cases per palet

Units per case Product code Barcode
24X500g 42 24 WEH 24500  
18x1kg 36 18 WEH 18100  
8x2kg 35 8 WEH 08200  
18x1kg Energy auto 36 18 WEH 10100  



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