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Fruit Scene

Beyond each wrapper of Fruitscene lies lusciously fruit scented essences captured is a single bar waiting for you to enjoy and let the special oils and ingredients revitalize, rejuvenate and refresh your senses as the Fruitscene cleanses your body leaving you pleased and your skin feeling soft and beautiful Fruitscene comes in 4 invigorating fragrances Coconut, Strawberry, Apple, Lemmon each of the variants are waiting for you to open up a bar and enjoy the freshness and Fruitscene comes in a convenient 125g bar and is packed in a 4 pack and a 12 pack  

Fruit Scene

Cases per palet

Units per case Product code Barcode
12x125g Strawberry(Pink) 52 144 SE 553110  
12x125g Lemon (Yellow) 52 144 SS 553210  
12x125g Apple (Green) 52 144 SS 553310  
12X125g Coconut (White) 52 144 SS 553410  
4x125g Strawberry(Pink) 52 144 SS 556110  
4x125g Lemon (Yellow) 52 144 SS 556210  
4x125g Apple (Green) 52 144 SS 556310  
4X125g Coconut (White) 52 144 SS 556410  



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