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Tru Essentials

Tru Essentials is the essential beauty soap to have in every bathroom, formulated with specially picked ingredients to make your skin feel moisturized and healthy. Our special ingredients are put together to have your senses break away from the days stresses and have your body and mind relaxed while the essential oils please your senses the aroma of Tru Essentials will have your body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Tru Essentials comes in 6 delightful variants Lilly of the Valley, Bluebell, Wild Rose, Magnolia, Musk, and Lavender waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed by you  

Tru Essentials

Units per palet

Units per case Product code Barcode
12X125g Tru Essentials Wild Rose 50 144 SF 553110  
12X125g Tru Essentials Musk 50 144 SF 553210  
12X125g Tru Essentials Lilly of Vally 50 144 SF 553310  
12X125g Tru Essentials Bluebells 50 144 SF 553410  
12X125g Tru Essentials Magnolia 50 144 SF 553510  
12X125g Tru Essentials Lavender 50 144 SF 553610  


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